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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Daily Problem Solving Practice

What does your school or class do for problem solving? We are currently doing daily practice using a program called Target the Question by Lone Star Learning, which uses one set of information, story, etc. and has a different question to work out each day of the week using that story. You can see it here: There is a demonstration video on that page. I love it, and so do my kids!

We are also using the TEKSas Target Practice, which you can see here:
My students always get very high standardized test scores in spite of entering my class sometimes very behind in math. They make huge gains in their skills and concept understanding. Each link has a demonstration video. If you are in Texas, do you use this program (either one, and they are both by Lone Star Learning). Unfortunately, this product (the target practice) is not available outside of Texas, but I am betting each state has its own version. So...I am curious, are their any certain programs out there that you use and recommend?


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